Warsaw - live and study in the heart of Europe!

Did you know that Warsaw

  • is the capital of Poland and one of the fastest-developing cities in Europe
  • is one of the safest cities in Europe
  • is the 9th top vegan-friendly city in the world
  • is 9th in Green City Index: Europe

Some facts about Warsaw!

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the fastest developing city in the country.
It occupies 37th place in the Sustainable Cities Index.


Warsaw has 2 million inhabitants and is visited by 20 million tourists annually. 250 thousand students study in Warsaw.


Warsaw has a broad cultural offer, with 49 theatres, 31 cinemas, and 91 museums.


Transport in Warsaw is well-developed and modern. The city centre can be reached in 20 minutes when travelling from the outskirts. The modes of transport include buses, trams, metro, trains, and all can be boarded using just one ticket, which costs EUR 32 and is valid for 3 months.


Warsaw also offers sports opportunities. There is a modern municipal bicycle system available throughout Warsaw and 450 kilometres of bicycle paths. There are also swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, ice rinks, skateparks, as well as 80 parks.

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