Graduate Programme in International Relations


About the programme

We offer an exceptional programme delivered entirely in English at one of the best universities in Central Europe for those seeking a master-level degree in International Relations. The Graduate Programme in International Relations is specially designed for students who are open to opportunities created by globalization. Students will undertake a rich and varied programme of study in the capital of Poland. This programme offers students ability to make contact with the representatives of public institutions, NGOs and other institutions of interest. Through this programme students will gain a comprehensive background in international relations and in contemporary political, economics and social processes.

The programme is addressed to students from around the world who have obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts, Master’s of Arts or an equivalent degree in international relations or related fields of study, who are preparing to work in institutions and companies dealing with a wide-ranging repertoire of international issues.

The 2-year second-cycle degree full-time programme consists of four semesters (terms) and offers 20 courses including Master’s seminar aimed at thesis preparation and individual focus. The unique format of the Graduate Programme in International Relations not only introduces students to the inner-workings of International Relations but also makes them aware of the interdisciplinary concerns such as law, business, history, culture.

All courses are taught in English by experienced Polish, American and European academic staff. The faculty members are recruited from different specializations and possess broad theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience in their fields of expertise. The studies offer an array of options to specialize in: security and strategic studies, modern diplomacy, European integration and international trade policy.

If you choose this major…

Study programme

Courses 1st year
Courses 2nd year
  • Regional and Global Studies

  • Research Methods and Theories of International Relations

  • International Economics

  • European Institutions

  • Comparative Politics

  • Contemporary issues in International Security

  • Contemporary tendencies and challenges in International Law

  • Development Economics

  • Academic Writing Advanced

  • International Political Economy

  • Introduction to foreign policy analysis

  • Sustainable Development

  • Transnational Actors and Processes

  • Developing Countries in IR

  • Foreign, Security and Defense Policy of EUGeneral elective course

  • MA seminar

  • Multiculturalism in IR

  • Multinational Corporations

  • Poland's Foreign Policy

  • Foreign Policy of Asian Countries

  • US Foreign Policy

  • Foreign Policy of Central and Eastern European Countries

  • Foreign Policy of Latin American Countries

  • General elective course

  • MA seminar

  • Elective courses from the offer of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies

Economic track:

  • Cultural and economic aspects of international managment
  • EU Economic Law
  • International financial markets
  • International trade system of WTO

Social Track:

  • International social policy
  • International crimes
  • Global energy and climate governance
  • Human security

Why you should choose our Faculty?

The Faculty of Political Science and International Studies is one of the largest teaching and research units of its kind, not only in Poland, but also throughout Central and Eastern Europe. We operate as a part of the best and the largest Polish university – the University of Warsaw. Close to three and a half thousand students gain knowledge within our walls on both a full-time and part-time basis.

Students of the Faculty not only gain education which is versatile and useful in their professional lives, but also one that develops their interests and passions, in accordance with the centuries-old traditions of our university. Every year, hundreds of our best students get the opportunity to go on exchange for a few months to major foreign universities, both in Europe and around the world. There is also an active research programme in the Faculty, bringing together students who are engaged in independent research and implementing original projects through academic clubs. The most active students also have an opportunity to gain valuable experience through our vibrant students’ union, which is an important part of academic life at the Faculty.

Graduates are innovative and comprehensively educated professionals, highly valued in the labour market, which is confirmed by all sorts of rankings and statistics – they are also visible participants in public life, experts of national and international standing, and political commentators. Journalists, politicians, managers at the highest level – many of them took their first steps in their respective fields within the walls of the Faculty.

The professors, lecturers, and employees at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies form a unique team, on a nationwide scale, of theorists and practitioners who are actively involved in public life, excellent educators and researchers, recognized experts and authorities in their fields.

Proof of the Faculty’s leading position is not only the large popularity of its educational programmes, but also the results of rankings and classifications, where our programmes and units have for years been rated as number one, and also the results from research which show that employers have deep trust and confidence in the graduates of our Faculty. Our organizational units and their educational programmes also consistently earn top ratings from the Polish Accreditation Committee, as well as the University Accreditation Committee.

See what you will gain by choosing International Relations!

Choose this programme if

  • you are fascinated by the international environment
  • you would like to work in international institutions in the future
  • you are interested in matters of international politics
  • you see yourself in the international business sector
  • you are looking for studies that will prepare you to work in many different fields


I am interested in the complexity of relations in the international environment, both between countries and in business.


I have knowledge in many sciences (economical,
social, political, and legal) thanks to which I can easily find a job in an international environment.

Graduates of International Relations...

The professional skills of a graduate of international relations could be defined as:

  • ability to act and cooperate in conditions of interdependence and anticipate its effects on national political, economic and cultural development;
  • deep awareness of the complexity and multicultural nature of the contemporary world and proper perception of states and nations in a spirit of tolerance and respect for cultural, religious and ethnical dissimilarities;
  • comprehension of the causes, essence, effects and requirements of international relations for state business enterprises and social organizations;
  • ability to analyze and critically evaluate programmes and doctrines motivating activity in the foreign policy of various countries;
  • comprehending the essence of the decision-taking process in domestic and international institutions committed to international cooperation; rudimentary knowledge of negotiation techniques;
  • acquaintance with comparative analysis methods, manners of collecting information on international facts and processes as well as basic command of the principles behind the scientific study into international relations; skill at developing habits of description and interpretation of the activity of members participating in international relations and international phenomena as well as ability to forecast their actions.

Tuition fee

For the academic year 2024/2025

Tuition fee for the first year of the programme – 3600 EUR (The fee can be paid in two instalments – 1800 EUR/semester).

Tuition fee for the second year of the programme – 3600 EUR. (The fee can be paid in two instalments – 1800 EUR/semester).

Our studies are #1 in Poland will give you practical knowledge will guarantee a good job will allow you to meet new people will expand your horizons |

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