Some facts about the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies

Welcome to the University of Warsaw! The Faculty of Political Science and International Studies is one of the largest faculties at the University of Warsaw. It is also one of the largest teaching and research units in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest, the best, and the oldest political science centre in Poland. The University of Warsaw is located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, and is the best university in the country.

The Faculty of Political Science and International Studies means...


3,500 students study at the Faculty, of which 500 study programmes with English as the language of instruction. They come from over 60 different countries. Over 180 academic employees lecture and conduct research at the Faculty, supported by nearly 80 members of administrative staff. We are known for the great opportunities we offer our students. The Faculty of Political Science and International Studies is not only a chance to learn from the best experts in Poland, but also and opportunity for international trips, lectures, and conferences with the participation of the world’s greatest celebrities in their fields, as well as a place to study in the most modern learning spaces in Poland.

Teaching offer

Our offer consists of seven very attractive and prestigious fields of study available in Polish and five available in English (European Politics and Economics, Undergraduate & Graduate Programme in International Relations, Undergraduate & Graduate Programme in Political Science), which have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years.


Our graduates are modern and comprehensively educated professionals, extremely well-valued in the job market, which is confirmed by all kinds of rankings and statistics: they are also well-known and active participants of public life, experts of international renown, commentators on political life. Journalists, politicians, top-level managers: many of them took their first steps in their fields here.

Academic staff

Professors, lecturers, and employees of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of the University of Warsaw are a unique team of theoreticians and practitioners actively participating in public life, excellent teachers and researchers, recognised experts and authorities in their fields in Europe and in the world. Confirming the leading position of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of the University of Warsaw is not only the immense popularity of the studies it offers, but also the positions it holds in various rankings and classifications, in which our studies and academic units have occupied the top spots for years. Furthermore, studies have shown that employers place great trust in graduates of our Faculty. Our academic units and the studies they offer regularly recieve the best grades of the Polish Accreditation Commission (PKA) and the University Accreditation Commission (UKA).

Space to learn

We are located on the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw, in the heart of the city. The beautiful Warsaw Old Town, listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is located just 5 minutes away from the Faculty. In addition to the great University of Warsaw Library, the area also offers numerous places to study and socialise, such as restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Auditorium Building

The main seat of the Faculty is the historic Auditorium Building. In 2017, the 200-year-old building has been thoroughly modernised and adapted to the realities of the 21st century and the needs of students. Some of its facilities include 15 ultra-modern classrooms and the Prof. Baszkiewicz Lecture Hall, with a capacity of 150 people. Frédéric Chopin was one of the many very famous people who attended classes in the building.

What features of our Faculty do foreign students appreciate?

  • flexible class schedule
  • rich offer of courses to choose from
  • the opportunity to participate in courses related to Polish culture (including Polish language courses)
  • the possibility of applying for a foreign scholarship
  • Rector’s scholarship for outstanding scientific achievements
  • regular co-operation with universities from around the world

International possibilities

The University of Warsaw co-operates with 460 universities as a part of the Erasmus+ programme.  Studying with us, you have the opportunity to study abroad virtually all over the world. University of Warsaw students can apply for a scholarship for student exchange for a semester or longer in Europe or in other places such as Mexico, India, Russia, USA, or Brazil, as well as for internships in prestigious institutions and organisations. The scholarship can be as high as EUR 600 per month.

Academic and didactic life

Studying at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies is not just classes. Every week, we organise many interesting events, including international scientific conferences and seminars, during which you will be able to meet the most eminent researchers from around the world. Scientific clubs at our Faculty organise interesting events and trainings.
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