Undergraduate Programme in Political Science


About the programme

Undergraduate Programme in Political Science is addressed primarily to the high school graduates. The Programme is fee-paying. The language is English.

The courses within the studies are both theoretical (aimed at developing the theoretical knowledge of political science issues) and practical, including courses preparing students to do research. The Programme consists of obligatory and optional courses (the latter enables students to develop their individual path of studies). The particular emphasis is placed on issues concerning the European integration as well as Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

Our students apart from regular courses take part actively in the academic life, participating in different political science associations; conferences, debates and lectures of distinguished guests from all over the world invited often by our university as well as social events. Thanks to knowledge and skills developed during our studies they can win scholarships and awards within different competitions, e.g. for the best foreign students in Poland.

Our students, apart from regular courses, actively take part in academic life, participating in different political science associations, conferences, debates, and lectures given by distinguished guests from all over the world, who are often invited by our university,  as well as in social events.


The course lasts three years. In order to receive the Bachelor’s degree (official title, in Polish Licencjat), the graduates will be required to write a Bachelor’s thesis and pass the examination.

Courses 1st year

Introduction to Political Science

Research Methodology I

Introduction to Protection of Intellectual Property

Global studies – Theory and Empirical Studies

Political Economy

Introduction to Sociology


Contemporary Political Systems – Theory and Empirical Studiec

European Integration – Theory and Empirical Studies

Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

Introduction to Policital Theory

Foreign Language

OHS (online course)

EU Political System

Courses 2nd year

Contemporary Social Movements

Dynamics of  party system

 Foreign and Security Policy in Central and Eastern Europe

Political Systems in Central and Eastern Europe 

Contemporary Polish Political History 

Transnational Conflicts

Foreign Language and Foreign Language Exam


General Elective Course

Social Psychology

Political Psychology

4 x Optional courses

Courses 3rd year

Democracy: Theory and Practice

Diploma Seminar

3 x General Elective Course

Political Marketing

Political Analysis

Political Rhetoric

Middle Eastern Politics and Societies

Central Asian Politics and Societies

Tuition fee

Fees for the year 2022/2023:

Tuition fee for the first year of the programme – EUR 3,400*

Tuition fee for the second year of the programme –EUR 3,400*

Tuition fee for the third year of the programme –EUR 3,400*

* The fee can be paid in instalments – EUR 1,700/semester

Graduates of Political Science

The graduates of the Undergraduate Programme in Political Science  will acquire qualifications necessary for analysing political problems and issues. Thanks to skill building activities provided during courses, they will be well trained in the art of communication, negotiation and persuasion. In order to receive a Bachelor’s degree, the graduates will be required to write the BA thesis and pass the diploma exam.

Where to work?

public administration


Consulting Agencies


Political Activity

International organizations

Marketing/PR/Event Agencies

Political advisory

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